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12 Things People In Long Distance Relationships Are Tired Of Hearing


1. “Do you miss him/her?”

12 Of The Dumbest Things People Ask About Long Distance Relationships

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No, being separated from your soulmate for long periods of time is fantastic.

2. “So are you guys serious?”

No, we just stay in a relationship with each other hundreds of miles apart to rack up frequent flyer miles.

3. “Aren’t you afraid she/he’s going to cheat on you?”

Spoiler alert: trust is trust. No matter the distance.

4. “Well how do you know for sure that they’re not cheating on you?”

How do YOU know your S/O isn’t cheating on you? Oh, trust? Faith? Yeah, it’s exactly like that.

5. “Why don’t you just date someone who lives closer?”

Great idea!!! Let me just leave the person I’m in love with to be with someone else based solely on their geographical location. Wow. You should write a book on love.

6. “Don’t you get really lonely?”

Contrary to popular belief, there is more to life than just a romantic relationship. i.e. friends, family, Netflix.

7. “Why don’t one of you just move?”

Again, great idea!!! It’s like neither of us had ever thought about this before and you’re just now showing us the light!! It’s not like we have jobs/lives/commitments of our own! Why have we not done this sooner!?!?

8. “Is it weird when you see each other?”

If by weird you mean a scene straight from a sappy Nicholas Sparks book-turned-movie then yeah, super weird.

9. “Why not just break up while you’re apart?”

Maybe because our relationship isn’t based on convenience. Maybe that.

10. “So are you allowed to go out on the weekends without him/her?”

No, I actually wear a monitoring device. What kind of question is that?!

11. “So why not just cheat? It’s not like they’d ever find out.”

You seem to be really interested in infidelity, maybe you should worry about your own relationship.

12. “Why do you stay with them?”

Anyone who asks this question does not understand what it’s like to truly love someone. That is all.

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