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There’s A Good Reason On Why You Haven’t Heard Of Ben Stiller Lately


By all means, Ben Stiller is a Legend, with the the kind of career that would make anyone in Hollywood absolutely Proud by Now (Which he is) it’s probably no coincidence that he starred in a movie called “Envy”. Not only has he been the face of so many unforgettably quotable characters over the years, From Derek Zoolander to Tugg Speedman to Gaylord “Greg” Focker and the list goes on, but he also has the rare Title of headlining three separately successful cinematic franchises all at once: Meet the Parents, Madagascar, and Night at the Museum, Way Before Superheroes Movie Franchises Were a thing!

Lately, however, Stiller’s been taking some time away from the spotlights whenever he can, and he has a ton of good reasons for having kept himself under cover for a while. Here’s the real reasons you haven’t heard as much from Ben Stiller lately.

He quietly fought (and beat) prostate cancer

Stiller dropped a Bomb on the pop culture newsfeeds in the fall of 2016 when he uncovered that he had been diagnosed with prostate cancer and had beaten it before realising the news to the public. Stiller originally uncovered his mystery fight with Cancer in a meeting with The Howard Stern Show ( US Magazine), saying, “It left the blue. I had no clue … from the beginning, I didn’t have any idea of what would happen.”

Stiller at that point clarified that he was lucky enough to have recognized the infection from the get-go on account of PSA testing, which may have saved his life, and proceeded to pen an article encouraging others to think about a similar testing system, regardless of whether it is viewed as dubious in certain circles.

He helped set a world Record for longest selfie stick ever made

To celebrate the release of Zoolander 2, At the film’s London premiere in February, 2016, Stiller, with the help of a few (dozen) friends, claim a new world record. Stiller snapped up the prize for longest selfie stick ever made when he took a picture with his fellow attendants from really up high. Stiller said in an interview later that it was “much more dangerous than it looked,”.

His Wife Career Comeback

Stiller is married to actress Christine Taylor—with whom he shares two children, Ella Olivia Stiller and Quinlin Dempsey Stiller—and now that their kiddos have grown up a bit, she’s ready to return to the big screen herself after taking a few years off from the biz to raise their little ones. As she told Good Housekeeping in 2016, “Now that my kids are a little older, it’s nice to be able to go off to work and have them be OK. I struggled more when I started to go back to work, because I would feel so guilty. It’s been pretty easy for me to juggle both because my priorities are always there with them.”

In addition to managing his own projects, Stiller has also been lending his support to Taylor’s new projects, joining her for the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival premiere of her latest film, Little Boxes, for example. Plus, he’s been known to lend a hand when his children have begun their own worthwhile endeavors lately, like when they hosted a lemonade stand to raise funds for Project A.L.S.

Behind-the-scenes Work

As we said earlier, Ben Stiller has the rare title of headlining a few successful cinematic franchises, But, Stiller’s work in front of the camera is just one of the things he does for a living. He’s also an Emmy-winning writer (for The Ben Stiller Show), whose recent credits include Zoolander and Tropic Thunder, in addition to his celebrated, self-titled series. He’s also directed a ton of TV shows and feature films; in addition to well-known films such Reality Bites, The Cable Guy, and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, he also directed a short-lived TV series starring his parents called Stiller & Meara and the music video for Jack Johnson’s “Taylor.” That’s all in addition to producing projects on both the silver and small screens, ranging from Tropic Thunder to The Ruins to a gaggle of television shows that didn’t last very long. (Don’t worry if you’ve never heard of the show names Burning Love, Next Time on Lonny, or Big Time in Hollywood, FL.)

Charity & Politics

Among the many titles Stiller has in life, his also known for supporting minorities. In 2016, he appeared in a celebrity-heavy refugee crisis awareness video and supported a petition handover at the United Nations on behalf of the #WithRefugees effort, but his history of good works extends far beyond those high-profile call to action moments. He’s also been known to step out in support of smaller public efforts, like in October, 2016 when he took a break from filming to stand in solidarity with striking cafeteria workers at Harvard University.

In addition to appearing in the 2010 documentary The Cove to raise awareness for Japan’s dolphin meat industry, he also founded The Stiller Foundation the same year in an effort to improve education opportunities for children in Haiti, after the nation was rocked by a series of devastating natural disasters that left many local schools in ruins. Stiller has also been an avid, albeit relatively quiet supporter of the Democratic Party’s recent presidential candidates, including John Kerry, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton.

Stiller’s production company Red Hour Films recently made a major move by partnering with Bold Films, which will help finance the company’s film slate. The merger has meant that Red Hour Films would be relocated—which also entailed a Stiller family move to a new condo as well, it seems—and that Stiller would be working alongside other industry vets to make sure they chose the right pics to greenlight under their new shingle and ensure its success … no pressure there, of course.

Stiller’s Working A Lot

Despite everything that’s been going on in his life, Stiller it’s slowly coming back to the front of the cameras. For example, he’ll be on a dramedy on Amazon which features Stiller as a man who’s envious of his old schoolmates’ accomplishments as he takes his son on a college visit. He’s also expected to produce and direct the pilot for Showtime’s adaptation of the hit 2010 novel Super Sad True Love Story, and he’s developing a comedy series for Hulu called “Bitches’ under his production company’s banner. Needless to say, even if you haven’t heard as much from Ben Stiller lately, he’s still been pretty busy behind the scenes! He’s happy, he’s career it’s still up, try different things somethings can be a good thing!


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