Who Is Banksy? We Rank the 5 Most Plausible Theories We Found On The Internet


OK, It’s 2019 and no one knows the real identity of the worldly famous and acclaimed artist simple known as “Banksy”. BUT, we may have a few clues on his true identity, if not, at least, it’s fun to imagine if any of these theories were actual real. So we put Together 5 of the most-likely real theories we found on the internet about the mysterious artist.

Robin Banks

In January 2015 a British teenager claimed that a man introducing himself as Robin Banks gave him a print signed by Banksy on a train in Oxenholme, England after the young man helped the artist pick up paints that fell out of his carry-on bag.

Banksy reportedly told the boy that the picture was worth ca. £20,000 ($24,000).

Thierry Guetta, aka Mr. Brainwash

Some say that the clownish French artist who starred in Banksy’s documentary Exit Though the Gift Shop is in fact one and the same as Banksy even though Mr Brainwash is widely derided by art experts as a pretty terrible artist.

Robert Del Naja

Journalist Craig Williams claimed to have compelling evidence that Robert Del Naja, frontman of the electronic music band Massive Attack, is also Banksy. Williams claimed to have identified a correlation between cities where Massive Attack performed and where murals by the artist have turned up.

Del Naja swiftly denied the reports saying that the rumors were “greatly exaggerated.”

Graffiti artist in Australia

YouTube user Mia S claimed she caught Banksy in the act after filming a man purported to be the elusive street artist in Melbourne, Australia. The video shows a bespectacled man in jeans, a dark jacket, hooded sweatshirt, and watch cap.

She confronts the graffiti artist in the video before he tells her to “fuck off” and flees the scene.

Man in Red Hook warehouse 

Twitter blew up when photos supposedly depicting Banksy preparing his artwork Siren of the Lambs (2013) emerged online. The photo showed five men arranging stuffed animals in a truck outside a warehouse in Red Hook Brooklyn, leading to intense speculation that one of the men standing next to the truck, who appeared to give orders, is the elusive artist.

Robin Gunningham

Criminologists at London’s Queen Mary University used a technique called geographic profiling to identify the street artist as Bristol resident Robin Gunningham.

Geographic profiling is a sophisticated statistical analysis technique used in criminology to locate repeat offenders. The researchers looked for a correlation between 140 artworks in London and Bristol attributed to Banksy, and 10 commonly touted names purported to be the elusive street artist.

That’s it! NOW, tell us is favorite theory! Let’s Discuss! And Banksy… if you’re reading this, please, give us a hint, C’mon!


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